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Snapshots & Snippets – A Taste of Spring

Welcome to “Snapshots and Snippets”where I share a bit of this and that from our week and the web to bless and encourage you.


 {February – the First Inklings of Spring}

Where we live it’s hotter than Venus in the summertime.  Because of our desert climate, Spring sometimes peeks out to try on the new year as early as February.  This week we’ve had temps as high as the mid 70s which started my green thumb to itching.  Our botany class was cancelled for this Thursday, so one of the families and I took our kids to a lovely nursery in town where they have rows and rows of veggie seedlings, bareroot fruit trees and flowers amidst gazebos and statues and other garden decor.  Simply lovely.  I used to kid with my husband, telling him I was on a mission to save a bunch of poor plants from their life in a nursery and rescue them so they could have a proper home.  So, this week: Mission Accomplished!  We have all sorts of organic veggie seedlings and seeds, three blackberry vines, and a bunch of beautiful flowering plants ready to go into the ground.  I’m in my happy place when I’m outdoors, knees on the ground, hands full of dirt.  


 {Taking Your Own Medicine}

One thing always leads to another.  After receiving an email from a friend asking for curriculum suggestions for studying Medieval and Renaissance eras, I felt a niggling to look into some resources for our coming year.  The “Look Inside” feature on Amazon has become this girl’s best friend.  I’m honestly a little “meh” this week.  Not sure quite why, so looking ahead to the coming year gave me the boost I needed in a small way, still I keep having the “I can’t do this” sort of feelings that are so normal at different stages of Home Education.  It’s not that my load is unbearable.  I have an embarrassingly small “class size” of one pupil now that my oldest went back to public school for 8th grade.  I am teaching 1st grade (again, not the most challenging to prepare or implement, though foundation for much is being laid this year and there is very little “independent” work that my son can do at this age).  I just feel done.  I’m not done.  As a matter of fact, I’ve got a long road ahead of me, so feeling this way isn’t really an option.  I remembered a post I wrote last February about homeschool burnout, which, by the way is at a peak this time of year.   I read the post and want to share it here on the hunch that a few of you might have a case of the “meh” right about now too.


{Forgiving & Special Time}

We had a “teenage” moment with my son last Saturday.  It led to some frustration among all of us which lingered over the weekend.  I thank God we are a family who forgive one another and move on.  Wednesday night, my husband and I watched a webinar by Positive Parenting Solutions about “How to Get Your Kids to Listen without Nagging, Yelling or Reminding.”  We were grateful for the good refresher on the basic principles.  I teach parenting, write about parenting and get to practice the art of parenting daily.  Still, it’s important to brush up and refine skills – all the more important as your children grow and change into new stages of development.  One thing that came to mind after watching the webinar was how we fill the “love” tank of each of our boys (this webinar called it the attention bucket, but I believe “the God-given need for love” captures the reality a bit better).  My husband and I are spending time putting plans together for “special” one-to-one times with each of our boys.  My older son and I are planning a photo shoot (taking our cameras out to capture images and improve our skills together).  It’s one of his passions in life.  It’s important to meet your kids in the place of their own interests rather than making them join you in yours.

domke one

{My Best “Yes” and “No” Answers}

So many options and opportunities seem to be on the horizon.  I never did like having to turn down something wonderful.  This past week our church started a Priscilla Shirer Bible Study on the armor of God.  Oh, how I would have loved to say “yes” to be there over these seven weeks with women I treasure, learning deeper truths of God’s Word together.  Alas, in general, I’m not in favor of cloning, so I have to be at another regular commitment – I get to be there.  I had to do the difficult: I had to choose.  I could have rearranged things and skipped out on the regular Tuesday event in my life.  The earth would have remained spinning.  It just wouldn’t have been the choice with the most integrity.  Sometimes we sacrifice.  It’s a bit uncomfortable usually, but it’s a good workout for our soul when we do.  In order to live a life that grabs onto Jesus with both hands, we have to know our “Best Yes” and “Best No” answers.  I read Lysa TerKeurst’s book entitled, “The Best Yes,” last year.  I think I’ll revisit it again in a few months.


{Goodies Around the Web}

I love sharing tidbits of inspiration or practical help from around the web with you each week.  This week, to be honest, I’ve been off the computer more than I’ve been on – and that’s a good thing!  Garden shopping, reflecting on forgiveness and working through some residual issues after our little Saturday morning snafoo, getting time with friends face-to-face … these all trump the internet by far.  Still, I did manage to rustle up a few hand-me-downs for you. 

Have you had difficulty in a friendship?  I could write a series on the layers of what we go through in friendships when they are deep, meaningful and worthy of our investment.  I actually wrote a post about friendship a while back.  This week, Dawn Camp wrote a post for (in)courage: “Friendship Hacks for Hard Times.”  So much more could be added to what she said.  Still, if you are in a difficult season with a particular friend, or know someone who is, this post may bless you. 

Maybe it’s just my “meh,” but this post by Alia Joy struck me in a spot where I’m living this week.  She shares her own stretching to live in endurance and encourages us through times when we feel like throwing in the towel.  She  even includes a beautiful prayer for the weary and a reminder of the “Come to Me” invitation from Jesus when we are at the end of ourselves.  Need I say this was timely for me?  I hope it is for you as well. 

How are you this week?  Are you a bit “meh” or are you excited about something coming up?  You know I love hearing from you.  Share your thoughts with me, or request prayer below in the comments or on the Hearts Homeward Facebook page


Photo credits: Tulips and Camera photos from Morguefile; Girl on Bed with coffee from Death-t0-Stock-Photo: the Marzocco collection. … Sometimes a girl’s too weary or distracted to take her own photos.  Grateful for these free sites with amazing pics to do the job for me this week. 

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