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Snapshots & Snippets: March!

Welcome to Snapshots & Snippets … this week I’m talking about Spring, Surrender and Service along with a tasty recipe for Jerk Chicken.  I’m also sharing a few links to some great articles.


{Fullness & Surrender}

This week was one that from the onset seemed a bit daunting.  I had a number of commitments already booked besides needing to make sure I got prep time in for some talks and … ta-da! … We submitted the first three chapters of the book to Zondervan along with annotated outline, resumes, etc.  It’s finally to the publisher!   Now we wait to see if God says “yes” or “no” to the next phase of this project.  During all the hub-bub my computer died.  Not just a little virus or hiccup, the hard drive literally crashed to its death.  I had a full to the brim week and then the computer bites the dust.  Four trips back and forth to the repair shop on Monday and Tuesday, and voila, computer restored. 

{… and the crowd goes wild!} 

computer keyboard

Through the uncertainty and inconvenience, I kept reminding myself that I live in the shadow of His wings.  As I prayed, I handed the whole situation over to Him … my book is on this computer … the notes for three upcoming speaking engagements … the article I was submitting … oh, yes, pretty much too much is on this computer and, embarrassingly not backed up.  But, He knows.  I don’t want any “yes” that isn’t from God.  I don’t want to long for an outcome He doesn’t see fit to bring my way.  If the computer were dead, then He was allowing it and I want to rest in His goodness rather than rail against a situation.  Thankfully, His “yes’ matched my desire this time.  This difficulty reminded me, though, that I want to live a surrendered life of trust – knowing my Good, Loving Father is behind and over all outcomes.  When circumstances don’t match what I hope for, and His answer is a “no” or a “not yet” it can feel frustrating and disappointing.  Still, I want to bend the knee and remember His love towards me. 


{Outdoor School & Ancient Greece}

Spring fever officially hit our home this week.  My youngest, who used to be oblivious as to what month or even what day of the week it was, has been obsessed with the upcoming break.  We open all the windows.  We school outside … until that is too distracting and then, begrudgingly we go back indoors to the dining table or the couches to get a bit more structure.  We’ve left behind our study on Ancient China and we are moving into Ancient Greece and Rome.  I’m putting together a list of books we are using as we study.  It will be up on the “What We Are Reading” section of the blog in the coming week.   It’s a good time to shift gears in our education to keep things fresh so we don’t succumb to the burn out that started last month and can easily hang on for the duration of the school year.

Paul - outdoor school


{Something Finished – Something Begun}

I finished my series on Parenting Your Child’s Personality.  It was such fun writing about the different ways God formed us and how we can factor those nuances into our parenting approach.  Next week I’m writing about Enduring Difficult Seasons of Parenthood.  Then I have a great post brewing about The Elijah Principle of Parenting {I made that up.  Catchy, huh?}.  I am super-excited to share the goodness God has been bringing to me as I seek Him for wisdom in rearing my boys.  Through His word and the input from good friends He has given me some real treasures to share with you. 


{Caribbean Cuisine}

One of the things I love about this Friday post is that I get to share whatever is on my heart and mind.  I always try to include something we’ve gleaned from our week – or give you a glimpse of real life around here.  I also include something we are doing for home education.  I leave the rest of this post open to whatever floats into our week or my heart to share with you. 

This past Friday we hosted our monthly Cultural Day with three other families.  We “visited” the Caribbean, which means we sampled some super-yummy food.  Ya Mon.  The Jerk Chicken, which I happened to attempt to cook, turned out awesome.  We be jammin on da chicken!  When my family barbecues, I always prep the meat and my husband mans the grill.  I have literally never fired up the Weber {the old charcoal pit type} on my own.  Since the gathering was at noon, I had to put the coals on, keep them lit and cook the chicken while my husband was at work.  Needless to say, he got a few phone calls throughout the process.  It was scrumptious – so good, I thought I’d share the recipe with you.  



{The Highlight of my Week}

Getting the submission to the publisher was big.  {Insert happy dance here}  A dream of a lifetime has come true this week.  Still, that was not the pinnacle of these past few days.  For the past year I have been privileged to go to the local mission with a friend every week to meet for Bible Study with the women who have committed to live there for a year to get sober.  Many of them were homeless before they entered the program.  We are going through a study on Spiritual Warfare and I was invited to teach these precious women about the devil.  I studied hard, prayed harder and prepared my talk.  This teaching has life-altering implications.  We had an amazing time opening God’s Word together to learn about the nature of our enemy, how he schemes and why we need not fear.  I get to teach again next week – on the armor of God.  I feel full to overflowing.  These women are so dear to me and God is beyond good to include me in their lives as they heal from so much darkness and choose a life in Him and His love.  



{Goodies Around the Web}

Last week I mentioned sleep deprivation – the fact that 33% of Americans suffer from serious sleep deprivation and its not-so-pretty ramifications.  I guess sleep deprivation is a theme around here {ever sense God tapping you on the shoulder with a repeated nudge?}.  This Michael Hyatt article about sleep deprivation focuses on the impact on leaders.  I thought the insights and hints are good for us all. 

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the body of Christ in our generation.  Some of us tend to think of our local church as “the body” whereas others view the church of worldwide believers as the body.  I thought this article made some interesting points as to what the body of Christ is and is not.  I especially like the way the author refers to the historical church vs. our modern views of church.  Worth a read and some pondering.

I hope you have a great coming week.  Please let me know how I can pray for you.  If you have thoughts or comments you would like to share, please feel free to leave them here or on the Hearts Homeward Facebook page.  If you want to receive my posts in your inbox, just sign up on the form on my sidebar. 

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