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Snapshots & Snippets: Time for a Change

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 {Time for a Change}

I’m so not a fan of this Spring forward stuff.  It just zaps me to the core {as in I’m groggy and out of sorts for a few weeks}.  I love Ben Franklin and all the amazing contributions he made to our country.  I have a bone to pick with him on the time change thing.  At any rate, we get to do it whether we like it or not, so I’m springing forward with the rest of you this Sunday. 

Apart from my grumpy attitude about losing an hour, I do love Spring.  I’ve been spending some time thinking through what changes I want to make as we enter this new season.  I have some habits which have slipped {can you relate?} and I need to get back on the horse and ride – more consistently.  Something always seems to have to give {this week it was housework, and ooh baby do I need to pick up the mop and dust rag this Saturday!}.  We have to give ourselves some grace so we can put first things first.  It always comes down to deciding what we will sacrifice so we can choose what is most vital.

Time Change


 {It’s Greek to Me}

I mentioned last week that we had shifted to studying Ancient Greece and Rome for the duration of this school year.  I’m not a proponent of overhauling your entire curriculum in the middle of a year.  It is nice, though, to have something change right around February and March {when burnout is at a high for home educators}.  The way I rotate our history, I plan three different aspects of each era.  That gives us about 13 weeks in each focused area.  For example, this year we studied Ancient Egypt, then Ancient China and now Greece and Rome.  A little change revs the engine without completely having to switch gears, if you know what I mean.  Since my youngest is only in 1st grade, we haven’t done a timeline or Centuries Book yet, but for our trip through Greece/Rome I’m going to have him make timeline entries based on the sequential readings from Story of the World.  Before I home educated, I didn’t have the foggiest as to the order of Ancient History.  If nothing else, home education has educated me!   I put the list of supplementary books and websites we are using for this section of our history learning up on our What We Are Reading page last week.

explore Ancient Greece



I had the blessed privilege of sharing at two MOPS groups at one of our local churches this week.  I used to get flustered before I spoke – nervous butterflies in the tummy, a concern that what I wanted to say wouldn’t come out right.  A friend helped me along greatly with simple advice: just talk as though you are chatting with a friend over coffee.  Oh, girl, I can do that in spades!  As in everything, the more we release to Him, the more He fills in the blanks and makes something beautiful out of our small offerings.  He multiplied my loaves and fishes today.  Nothing satisfies my heart more than pouring out into someone’s life and hearing back that it blessed them.  I’m full to overflowing.

Mom and Child

What’s your passion?  Where are you specifically gifted to serve?  Finding those special ways God made you – the ones that come as a second nature – lets your unique light shine into others’ lives.  We can never out-bless God.  As we pour out, He meets us and fills us with unspeakable joy.


{Erin Go Bragh!}

So, yes, next week we celebrate St. Pat’s Day.  Our family, having Irish genes on both sides, goes all out with a feast of Corned Beef, Potatoes and all things green.  I think traditions in a family are such stabilizers.  We look forward to them.  They define us a bit and help create memories that last. 

In honor of all things Irish, our Cultural Group will be “traveling” to Ireland this month.  Our day includes watching a bit of Riverdance, learning to dance a jig, eating shepherd’s pie, soda bread and other Irish grub and learning about hurling.  We’ll even try on some Irish slang words.  Sharing the love of learning about cultures with other home educating families has been one highlight of this home educating year.  Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?  What other traditions permeate these Spring months for your family?



{Sacred Sorrow}

Sometimes life hits like a Mac truck.  Friends of ours have been going through an unthinkable trial.  I’ve been giving a lot of thought and prayer to their situation and considering how suffering fits into the context of our walk as Christians.  C.S. Lewis said,

“Try to exclude the possibility of suffering which the order of nature and the existence of free-wills involve, and you find that you have excluded life itself.” 

Our life will include suffering.  Thankfully Jesus forewarned us and walks with us.  He reminds us to take heart.  I wrote this week about suffering … I’m sure I’ll be writing more as I am certain of one thing: we all need the encouragement at some point.  God shows Himself as the Light in the deep darkness of our suffering.  I had ordered a book by Michael Card called “A Sacred Sorrow” which is about how we can include our lament as a part of our worship {and true worship is incomplete without this element}.  I thought I bought the book for myself.  Turns out it arrived just in time for this dear friend and her husband in their hour of need.  God knows.  He truly knows.

{Goodies Around the Web}

If you are married, you know the hills and valleys involved in a long-term commitment to someone.  This week I found an article about what to do when your spouse is wounding your marriage that I thought would bless any of you who are struggling through a challenging time at home. 

I have a long history of being at war with my own body – body image, weight management, dieting, exercise, giving up, recommitting, you name it.  Alysa Bajenaru wrote a great post for Art of Simple about making peace with your body.  I praise God for the work He has done in my heart in this area of my life.  I hope this article helps you take the next step towards self-acceptance and freedom. 

Finally, Kara Anderson wrote a post about when your homeschool gets completely off track.  This was just right for many of us in this time of year when Spring fever pulls at us – keeping us daydreaming out windows rather than focusing on whatever task is at hand.  Though her home educating approach varies from what we choose in our home, the principles of this post are universal.  We fall down, we get up.  Hopefully in the process we give ourselves the same kindness we would extend a friend. 

 How is your week going along?  I love hearing from you and praying for you.  Comment here or on the Hearts Homeward Facebook page

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