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Snapshots & Snippets: Being Comfortable in Smallness

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 {Comfort with Smallness}

Do you know the pressure that rumbles under the surface – pushing us to try to be more than we are, be popular, known and celebrated?  We drive forward, swept up into expectations, not even knowing when we consented to join the race or why we want to win.  Lately, I’ve been consciously making decisions to sit this one out.  I’ve purposely not installed any sort of “stats” on the behind-the-scenes “dashboard” of the blog.  I remind myself I am not counting heads, but reaching hearts. 

In our home we are parenting our son through his teen years.  As this week’s parenting post revealed, hard times weave into our life among the goodness that we call family.  As I sat for a moment of quiet in the middle of a night Monday, I asked God to show me what He wanted me to learn in this season of parenting and life in general.  The word came: Smallness.  To be small can feel vulnerable – which, in truth, we are.  Yet, being a bit insignificant and knowing the One who has all significance calls me beloved gives me such peace amidst the storm.  I’m like the little Who (not even the mayor of Whoville) being carried around by Horton.  Life is crazy, but He’s dead set on protecting me in all my smallness.




I grew up in a quasi-rural area.  We were in a small town surrounded by farm land for miles.  I’ve always felt that life on a farm is just the “how it should be” of living.  One reason could be that you avoid all the “when to tell about the birds & bees” business – because, well, the birds and bees do a good job of telling all that by sheer observation.  We have cut ourselves off from the earth so much in our age.  This week we had the privilege of experiencing a lovely bit of nature at work. 

At 8:30am we heard a frantic pounding on the front door. It was a Friday, so even though we were going to host our Irish Cultural Day, we were lingering in PJs, reading our Bible together on the couch.  Two neighbor boys were jumping up and down on the porch when we answered, saying their Golden Retriever was having her puppies and their mom wanted us to come quickly.  We got dressed like firemen and ran down to their home.  We witnessed this brave girl welcome the first of ten scrumptious little babies.  My youngest took about 100 pictures and some video.  It was quite a thrill. 

There’s just something about puppies that makes you feel everything is right in the world.

Harley 2


{Get Movin’}

My dear friend, Christine was here this week.  She clued me into a great app that has customized workouts for adults … and kids!  We try to get our bodies moving daily, but sometimes the weather doesn’t allow for us to be outdoors, commitments {or being irresponsible about bedtime} keeps me from getting to the gym, etc.  You know the drill.  I’m going to download Sworkit and Sworkit for Kids and work in a daily workout for me and my son in the grassy area across the street from our home.  The same day Christine mentioned Sworkit to me, a neighbor friend with three littles mentioned going on slow runs on the path across from our home.  God has his ways of pulling us out into what we need – be it physical, emotional or spiritual growth.  


{United We Stand}

I met my husband over 26 years ago on a beach in Los Angeles.  We became friends within a group of people and surprised one another by falling in love.  You couldn’t find two more opposite people on the planet.  I wear my emotions {and thoughts} on my sleeve.  He’s reserved and has secret spaces in his heart that require much patience and graciousness to enter.  I’m all about staying full and grabbing everything this life has to offer.  He’s content to sit in a chair under the shade of the front tree watching people stroll by our home.  Still, we are a match truly made in heaven and I wouldn’t exchange this man for all the fair trade chocolate in Switzerland.

Marriage can get a bit stable, if you know what I mean.  We go along, tending house together, leaving for work, coming home, parenting, keeping commitments, serving at church and before we know it, we’ve grown accustomed to a great divide.  Lately, with the changing demands on our parenthood, we’ve been reminded of the need to band together, support one another and minimize our conflict.  Being a gardener, I liken marriage to cultivating plants.  We must work – weeding, tilling, amending, watering – if we are going to harvest anything which sustains us.  I’m grateful God used our circumstances to remind us to prioritize our unity. 



{A Clear View}

This week I wrote the first post in a series on “Distorted Images of God.”  We all see God through our own lens which is influenced by our personality, life experiences and theological understanding.  Sometimes how we view God helps us draw near and trust.  Other aspects of our perception can cause us to keep Him at bay.  I am going through a great Bible Study by the Ryans about this very subject and want to bless you with the wisdom and insight from God’s Word to help “clear the windshield” a bit so you can see God more clearly and love Him more dearly which leads to following Him more nearly.  {Is the song in your head yet?}

Distortion 2


{Goodies Around the Web}

Supper time and you’re at a loss.  Oh, I’ve been there.  I’m not “monetized” so I don’t try to drum up business for any particular party or myself at this point in the blogging scene.  I do want to share with you a great little site called “Dinner A Love Story” which is run by a woman who gives new meaning to the word passionate {obsessed?}  about supper.  At our home we eat pretty close to the GAPS diet since two of us are gluten sensitive.  Still, this site has a wealth of goodness … check it out. 

Having weathered a few storms in our home life over the past year, I appreciated this post about three things your child needs to know about God during hard times.  Personally, I think our children are taking subconscious notes about what suffering means and how to respond based on what we do when we endure trials.  The best teaching comes in the form of our lived-out-loud faith. 

On a completely sentimental note, one of our boys recently lost his first tooth.  One of the best posts I’ve read celebrating this milestone came across my path this week.  Mary Tyler Mom writes about “the hole that fills me up.”  Yes and Amen.  It reminded me of a few odes to motherhood I had written in the past, entitled, “Laundry” and “Joy.”  If you need some mothering inspiration, check them out. 

How is it with your soul, motherhood, marriage, life in general?  I love hearing from you and praying for you.  Join the conversation here or on the Hearts Homeward Facebook page


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    I love ALL of this.

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      And I love ALL of you! Thanks, sweet friend. You are a gift straight from the hand of God.

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