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Welcome to “Snapshots and Snippets” … some musings and practical thoughts along with goodies from around the web to bless and encourage you.

 {a whole lot of nothing}

Last week I wrote about smallness and how God is leading me to be more comfortable just as I am – somewhat insignificant, often weak and very dependent upon His grace daily.  This past week we went back to school after our week of Spring Break.  I have to say, Spring Break was full of more emptiness than I usually allow.  I puttered around, made lunch for six boys on several days as our neighborhood tends to meld into one large batch of boyhood whenever a break in school comes our way.  I looked at the plants in their plastic containers – the ones I have yet to put in the ground.  I didn’t plant them.  I read a bit.  I took walks.  I wrote a little.  I did only necessary work and writing.  I pondered the cross a lot.  Some weeks are meant for that – for resting and getting very little accomplished in the way we usually measure productivity.  Still, all that nothing led to me feeling quite off kilter when it came to getting back in the swing of things. 

Maybe next week I’ll have my mojo back.  Maybe.

Sweet Morning


 {art and nature}

We have been a bit remiss {when I say “we,” I mean I} and neglected both art and nature studies over the past few months.  Once November hits, it gets both too cold and too busy to think about much besides the planning for birthdays, celebrating Jesus and going to a gazillion commitments for the holidays.  Then the new year comes and we catch our breath, but somehow never do pick up some of what we drop in the late fall.  I finally dug out our Artistic Pursuits book and our watercolors.  We’re going to do some art twice a week.  I also put our nature hike bag together – with some binoculars, Ziplocs for collecting leaves and such and a few field guides.  It’s beyond lovely weather these days, and we don’t hold onto this season for long, so I’m grabbing it with both hands while I can.

Waterfall in gorge


{planner happy!}

I love planning.  It’s a bit weird the endorphins which kick off as I sit color-coding or organizing to my heart’s content.  For the past few years I haven’t been able to find a system that suited me.  I have both monthly and weekly calendars in Word which I designed myself.  I use a handy program called Cozi that I can reach by phone and computer.  I also use my OneNote to keep track of all sorts of stuff.  The trouble is when I’m out and want what’s only on my computer, or I want to jot down thoughts for a blog post – nothing is truly consolidated. 

The other day a friend told me she had seen the most beautiful planner.  You see, this IS a sickness.  I went to the website and checked it out.  Ah, yes.  The Erin Condren planner.   Gorgeous and very user-friendly … bonus: you can decorate it!   I see a very deep obsession coming on.

You’ll probably see a few posts in the future with pics of my planner as I am super-kadooper excited to finally have a system I think will be all purpose.  My husband said {and I quote}, “Going old school, are you?” since I had the Franklin planner years ago and have been digital in my planning for well over a decade and a half. 

Yep.  Paper planning, here I come.    

cherry blossom personalized

here’s the cover I designed for the planner … so smitten … completely.


{something for you every month}

After several years of getting my feet wet in the online blogging world, I launched this site.  Blogging daunts the average writer as we learn code, design and how to navigate the web to share our thoughts with readers.  One new feature of this site was my email subscription option which allows you to receive the posts you choose in your inbox.  You can select my Spiritual Growth posts, Parenting Posts or these end of the week Snapshots & Snippets – or any combination of the above. 

Now I am ready to take it up another notch.  At the beginning of every month, I’ll be sending out a newsletter with a little devotional, my favorite recipes from the previous month and some surprises to bless you.  If you have anything in particular you would like me to include in the monthly news, please let me know.


{goodies around the web}

I’ve introduced you to Ann Voskamp before … and I probably wasn’t the first person to share her with you.  This week she writes about a big shift in their family as they step into a new adventure.  I’m inspired and intimidated by stories of hope and quiet heroics like hers.  I have long since given up the idea that big things always look “big” or happen in developing nations or on inner city streets.  We are called to our homes; to our friendships; to our communities and the world.  We are called to seasons.  Some of those are for resting or healing.  Some for reaching and stretching.  Often we are in a combination of many things and we don’t see the bigger picture until we have walked through and look back over our shoulder.  I’m convinced much of the importance in this life will remain unknown to us this side of heaven.  God authors and ultimately all good is from Him and through Him.   Still, I have to say, reading big things like Ann and her farmer husband are doing gives me reason to pause in gratitude while rekindling a yearning to do all the blessing I can with the life I’ve been given.  

I’ve been talking about our Distorted Images of God in my latest series on Mondays.  Tyler Speegle wrote an article for Relevant Magazine discussing the way we approach prayer.  In his transparent way, Tyler shares the tendency to see prayer as something to check off rather than a time of intimate devotion and connection.  I was intrigued by the mid-week prayer service at his church and started thinking about future opportunities for something similar at my local church.  Now that’s something to pray over!

How was your week?  Are you feeling frazzled or off kilter as I have been much of this week?  Are you inspired to reach deeper and further or are you in a season of healing and rest?   I love hearing from you and praying for you.  Join the conversation here or on the Hearts Homeward Facebook page.  Be sure to share any input you have about the monthly newsletter in the comments and subscribe to my email subscription to receive posts and the newsletter in your inbox.

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