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    Life Lessons: Parenting Your Teen (Part 2)

    Welcome back!  We’re in the second week of our conversation about parenting teens.  I’m sharing lessons I’m learning in my own parenting journey.  Let’s talk about the importance of setting clear,…

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    Parenting with Authority

    We were sitting on a bench at the park while our children ran all over the playset when my friend asked me, “Do you spank your children?”  It was a point…

  • Parenting

    Parenting Your Go-With-the-Flow Child

    You know how they say you marry your opposite?  Check.  My unassuming, humble, reserved husband married a strong-willed, dynamic, talkative me.  We joke that he is the rock that holds my…

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    Parenting Your Life-of-the-Party Child

    My youngest and I lay side by side in his bed after saying nighttime prayers.  The lights are dim enough to display the glow-in-the-dark stars stuck all over his ceiling accompanied…