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  • Marriage

    Just the Way You Are

    Years ago I thought I knew what he was supposed to be.  We marry the person we choose – making choices based on who we are and our own maturity at…

  • Marriage

    The Backyard BBQ

    What can take a very normal day and turn it into a memory?  Simple choices.  I call him at work and just about miss him as he wraps up the week…

  • Marriage

    Saving the Best for Last

    When we finally made it to the day, that day where I became fully yours, I stood inside those french doors, looking out onto the balcony which looked over the Yacht…

  • Marriage

    I Hope You Dance

    My friend and I sit across the table from one another outside the coffee shop and she tells me of three friends who are facing divorce this week.  Three.  Three men…

  • Marriage


    I’d choose you. It’s late at night … the hours when the house is dark and I sit and write and think and pray.I’m thinking of you.  It’s not who you’d…