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    An Open Letter to Teen Boys

    Hi, guys. I bet it’s not very often you start to read a blog … and if you do, it probably isn’t addressed to you as a teen boy.  I wrote…

  • Parenting

    Life Lessons: Parenting Your Teen (Part 2)

    Welcome back!  We’re in the second week of our conversation about parenting teens.  I’m sharing lessons I’m learning in my own parenting journey.  Let’s talk about the importance of setting clear,…

  • Parenting

    An Open Letter to Teen Girls

    My teen son went back to public school this year after six years of educating at home.  The transition took my breath away and kept me on my toes in many…

  • Parenting

    The Simple Joy of Motherhood

    I turned on the radio after an hour of silence in the car.  I had prayed myself out over a parenting decision – laying everything, once again, in God’s able care. …

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    In the Grip of Grace

    How much thought do you give to grace? Dallas Willard used to say we Christians burn it up like rocket fuel.  We may think of grace when we think of salvation…