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    The Simple Joy of Motherhood

    I turned on the radio after an hour of silence in the car.  I had prayed myself out over a parenting decision – laying everything, once again, in God’s able care. …

  • Parenting

    In the Grip of Grace

    How much thought do you give to grace? Dallas Willard used to say we Christians burn it up like rocket fuel.  We may think of grace when we think of salvation…

  • Parenting

    Never Go It Alone

    I watched as the children paraded through the lobby.  As they walked by, the teacher said, “Make sure you are holding onto your buddy’s hand.”  The older I get, the more…

  • Parenting

    Practicing Habits of Character

    Along the spectrum of parenting philosophies, from domineering authoritarian to free-flowing laissez-faire, I land in the middle.  I call our stance, “Loving Authority.”  What we do is based in love and…

  • Parenting

    Parenting with Authority

    We were sitting on a bench at the park while our children ran all over the playset when my friend asked me, “Do you spank your children?”  It was a point…