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    Never Go It Alone

    I watched as the children paraded through the lobby.  As they walked by, the teacher said, “Make sure you are holding onto your buddy’s hand.”  The older I get, the more…

  • Parenting

    Practicing Habits of Character

    Along the spectrum of parenting philosophies, from domineering authoritarian to free-flowing laissez-faire, I land in the middle.  I call our stance, “Loving Authority.”  What we do is based in love and…

  • Parenting

    When You Need a Bit of Perspective

    Motherhood trumps all other endeavors in my life as the most exhilarating, joy-filled, amazing adventure.  Simultaneously, being a mom drains me and draws out everything I have to offer.  I’ve been…

  • Parenting

    Parenting with Authority

    We were sitting on a bench at the park while our children ran all over the playset when my friend asked me, “Do you spank your children?”  It was a point…

  • Parenting

    Love is Messy

    In a text conversation with a dear friend about parenting, I made this comment: Love is messy. Staring at the words on my screen, I saw more truth than I had…