Help for Parents

I’m a mom, like you, going through the day to day, rearing my two boys with all I have in me.  I want what you want, to see my children grow into adulthood possessing a solid strength within and a bright future ahead. 

Over the past 15 years I’ve devoted myself to learning about parenting.  I’ve faced moments of desperation when I came to the end of my cleverness and couldn’t get through some tough spot with one of my boys (or our foster daughter).  I’ve experienced the bliss of watching my child become more of what God intended them to be.  I’ve savored the sweetness of quiet morning snuggles; the heartache of midnight prayer vigils; the peace that comes from surrendering my concerns about them into God’s loving hands. 

The parenting section of Hearts Homeward was born from thousands of conversations, parenting experiences and  oh so much reading.  I have come to realize the gaping need we all have for one another.  We long for wisdom to parent well.  Our hearts need to be healed and grounded in love.  We want reliable methods and philosophies that undergird why we do what we do. 

Here at Hearts Homeward, I’m sharing principles and methods, but more than that, I’m walking with you as you take on the biggest privilege and the greatest challenge you will ever encounter – supporting another human being from infancy into adulthood. 

You may be

  • … a new parent, trying to form a plan and get your bearings
  • … feeling pretty confident, yet still wanting a regular dose of wisdom or encouragement 
  • … overcoming hurtful childhood experiences, lacking an example of what it looks like to create a safe and healthy haven for your children
  • …  juggling so many hats – while longing to put first things first and not miss one precious moment of your children’s younger years
  • … exasperated with a specific problem such as rearing a strong willed child, parenting a wayward teen or feeling burnt out by the constant demands of parenthood.  

Whatever your story, I want to help you through your parenting struggles and to be a part of celebrating your successes.  You and I shape the next generation with each new day, every hug, and all the moments spent with our children. 

Subscribing to my parenting posts will assure you get such practical information as:

  • taming toddler tantrums
  • what to expect in the teen years
  • how to create a plan for screen use in your home
  • ideas as to how to work together with your husband as you parent together. 
  • how to parent specific personality types
  • the blessings of boundaries
  • … and much more. 

When you subscribe, I will send you my “avoiding power struggles in the home” tip sheet for free as my way of thanking you.  Simply sign up for the Hearts Homeward News: Parenting Wisdom and Support. 

If you want to learn more about my availability to come speak to your group, or if you have questions about pursuing life-coaching from me, please fill out my contact form.  

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