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  • Spiritual Growth

    How to Spend a Life

    I’ve been silent on this blog since July, 2016. Silence. By pulling back from the blogging world, I always find freedom from the pressures that seem to creep in … who…

  • Spiritual Growth

    No Condemnation

    Jesus crouched low, scrawling something in the sand.  He had been in front of the temple, seated teaching those who gathered to learn from Him.  When the men came to trap…

  • Parenting

    An Open Letter to Teen Boys

    Hi, guys. I bet it’s not very often you start to read a blog … and if you do, it probably isn’t addressed to you as a teen boy.  I wrote…

  • Parenting

    Life Lessons: Parenting Your Teen (Part 2)

    Welcome back!  We’re in the second week of our conversation about parenting teens.  I’m sharing lessons I’m learning in my own parenting journey.  Let’s talk about the importance of setting clear,…