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I gladly come share with groups about parenting, home education or spiritual growth. Choosing a speaker can be a challenge. You want someone who is comfortable in front of an audience, knows their topic and is able to hold the attention of her listeners while bringing a meaningful message that will stay with them after they leave your event. I have been speaking in front of large and small groups for over 25 years. I have spoken for MOPS groups, at Women’s Bible Studies, Teas and Retreats, at Home Education Conferences and Gatherings and led trainings for companies.

What I Bring to Your Event:

When I speak, I am passionate about my topic and well-prepared (which usually includes spending time praying for each woman who will hear what I am going to share). If the topic is aimed to inspire or encourage I share from the heart and bring my own life experience into the talk when appropriate and meaningful. I have prepared topics on which I can speak (see details below), but also am willing to prepare a specific talk catered to your event, theme or the section of Scripture you are studying. I care about the women to whom I talk, so I linger after each presentation to be available to listen and pray with any who seek me out. I follow the wise advice of a beloved mentor of mine: “Never seek to speak; instead seek to have something to say.”

Topics & Venues:

Parenting Talks for Your MOPS or Parent Group
Women’s Ministry Groups and Retreats or Bible Study Meetings
Home Education Conferences or Gatherings

What People Have Said After Hearing Me Speak:

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