Welcome!  I am so glad you came.  I wish I could sit sharing a cup of tea, our feet up on the ottoman as we get acquainted or catch up.  Since that isn’t possible, let me show you around a bit so you can get the tour of Hearts Homeward.  I know you’ll want to come back once you see all that’s here for you.

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If you want to know a bit about me, my family and my heart for you as I blog, you can head over here to my short bio: The Girl Behind the Words.

I accidentally started blogging many years ago.  I had always been a writer and one evening I took a prompt from a blog I read and I was hooked.  Over time my blog has morphed as I have grown and I’ve gained clarity of purpose. 

When I write here, it comes from the heart and is unscheduled.  I post around once a week about something God has laid on my heart to write.  My passion is to help you grow in your walk with Jesus.  You can get posts about spiritual growth in your inbox (less than once a week so you are never overwhelmed) by subscribing to my email list … {see the sidebar, right over there …}

Some of the things you can find here at Hearts Homeward are the pages where I share what we’re reading and our reflections on those books.  Feel free to head over to the main, “What We’re Reading” page to see links that might interest you (including our Booklist for Boys).  I update it every few months.

I do speak to groups and it is something I love doing.  If you want to know more about my availability to speak to women in groups, go to my “Patty Speaks” page.

I have co-authored a parenting book and am in the middle of some other projects to help encourage and support parents.  If you want to access more of my parenting resources, go here or here, or subscribe to receive regular parenting wisdom and encouragement right in your inbox {see the little subscription thingy on my sidebar?  Yep.  That’s it.}

I hope you find blessing and encouragement anytime you visit Hearts Homeward.  I’ll spur you to reach out to Jesus a little more, sometimes make you laugh and always warm your heart.  Let Hearts Homeward be a place of refreshment where you take a breath and get renewed.   You are welcome back anytime and I always love to hear from you. 

This isn’t just my place, it’s ours.




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