Welcome!  I am so glad you came.  I wish we could sit sharing a cup of tea, our feet up on the ottoman as we get acquainted or catch up.  Since that isn’t possible, let me show you around a bit so you can feel at home.   

If you want to know a bit about me, my family and my heart for you as I blog, you can head over here to my short bio: The Girl Behind the Words.

  • Do you need encouragement you as you grow in your walk with Jesus?

  • Do you love motherhood and want support as you parent your children?

  • Are you like me, simplifying and slowing so you can devote yourself to what matters most?

I hope you find blessing and encouragement anytime you visit Hearts Homeward.  I’ll spur you to reach out to Jesus a little more, sometimes make you laugh and always warm your heart. 

Let Hearts Homeward be a place of refreshment where you take a breath and get renewed.   You are welcome back anytime and I always love to hear from you.

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Come back anytime. 

This isn’t just my place, it’s ours.





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