Learning from God How to Live in the Day at Hand

Sometimes the plans God has for us take us completely by surprise.  We end up learning lessons through circumstances we hadn’t planned or foreseen.  Even though I wanted to be a writer for most of my life, I never had the courage to fully pursue writing until I started blogging.  My online writing started as a bit of a fluke.  I discovered a blogger who hosted Five-Minute-Friday.  Other online writers were given a prompt (one word) and asked to write for only five minutes – no editing, no criticizing, just freely writing.  I decided to start a blog so I could participate. 

Over time I connected with people through Five Minute Friday and I started to view blogging as a place to write thoughts and share experiences to encourage others.  I had read a few parenting books by a particular author/psychologist.  I reviewed those on my blog, sharing the key principles from the books to inspire and help moms.  When I found out this author was retiring, I shared with him that a number of moms had reached out to tell me how much the concepts I shared from his teaching had impacted their motherhood. 

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… There’s more … To read the rest of this story and learn how God is leading me to live in the day at hand (and to gain three practical tips as to how you can learn this vital practice as well) go to my guest post at Woman of Noble Character.  

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Would you give me the privilege of pouring into your motherhood?  

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