Intentional Motherhood – Making Room for What Matters Most

What does intentional motherhood mean? 

Intentional living means we put the most crucial people and values at the center of our lives and line our actions up with those priorities. 

I’m a mom, like you.  Our love for our children is boundless.  Despite our good intentions, we can get overbooked, overwhelmed and just plain over it all!  

I want you to be encouraged and inspired to love intentionally while making room for what matters most.

Being intentional means savoring the moments.  

It can be so easy to let the years pass by, drowning in the day to day while missing the most precious parts of motherhood – those that will never come our way again. Savoring involves unplugging from screens to spend time together talking, listening, laughing, playing and creating together.  It means setting aside time and agenda to be with the ones we love most.  

Being intentional means loving our children as the unique people they are.

Intentional motherhood means discovering how your children are wired and setting aside time and effort to draw out what God has put in.  Motherhood isn’t a one size fits all experience.  You know your own heart, your home, your family and your child better than anyone else.  

I’ve been there and want to bless you

Over the past 16 years I’ve devoted myself to learning about parenting.  I’ve faced moments of desperation when I came to the end of my cleverness and couldn’t get through some tough spot with one of my boys (or our foster daughter). 

I have experienced the bliss of watching my child become more of what God intended them to be.  I’ve savored the sweetness of quiet morning snuggles; the heartache of midnight prayer vigils; the peace that comes from surrendering my concerns about them into God’s loving hands. 

The parenting support you find at Hearts Homeward was born from thousands of conversations, parenting experiences and oh so much reading. 

I have come to realize the gaping need we all have for one another.  We long for wisdom to parent well.  Our hearts must be healed and grounded in love.  We want reliable methods and philosophies that undergird why we do what we do. 

It’s not only about the “how to” 

Here at Hearts Homeward, I’m sharing principles and methods.   More than that, I’m walking with you as you take on the biggest privilege and the greatest challenge you will ever encounter – supporting another human being from infancy into adulthood. 

Whatever your story, I want to help you through your parenting struggles and to be a part of celebrating your successes.  You and I are helping shape the next generation.  

Dig in!

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