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Choosing a speaker can be daunting.

You want someone who is comfortable in front of an audience, knows their topic and is able to hold the attention of her listeners while bringing a meaningful message that impacts attendees after they leave your event.   

Speaking to MOPS groups, Women’s Bible Studies, Teas, Retreats and Conferences has given me both the experience and the material to meet your needs.  I also provide training for companies on a regular basis – both as an individual coach and as a presenter to groups. 

If you have a specific need or vision for your group, let’s talk about what you need and I will let you know if what I have to offer is a fit.  I don’t just want you to select me as a speaker.  I honestly want you to have the speaker who best matches your needs.  

Questions?  Want to connect with me?  You can visit my page at Christian Women’s Speakers or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.  

If you would like to hear an excerpt of one of my talks, go here

What I Bring to Your Event:

When I speak, I am passionate about my topic and well-prepared (which usually includes spending time praying for each woman who will hear what I am going to share). If the topic is aimed to inspire or encourage I share from the heart and bring my own life experience into the talk when appropriate and meaningful.

I have prepared topics on which I can speak (see details below), but also am willing to prepare a specific talk catered to your event, theme or the section of Scripture you are studying. I care about the people to whom I talk, so I linger after each presentation to be available to listen or pray with any who seek me out.

I follow the wise advice of a beloved mentor of mine:  “Never seek to speak; instead seek to have something to say.”

Topics & Venues:

Parenting Talks for Your MOPS or Parent Group
Women’s Ministry Groups and Retreats or Bible Study Meetings

What People Have Said After Hearing Me Speak:

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