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Hey there,
I’m Patty – the girl in the photo that I call our “Album Cover” … We’ll never have an album, but if we did, that would be the cover, except, I’d be holding a bass, which, I don’t play, but I think looks amazingly cool.  I actually play the flute, which doesn’t look impressive on an album cover … I digress … back to my introduction:

The Love of My Life

I’ve been married to my dear, surfer husband for over 20 years. He has a heart of gold. In life, I’m like the kite and he’s the steady hand holding the string. God brought us together to balance and support one another. I’ve learned a lot about slowing down, patience and humility from my husband.  We’ve weathered many tough times. What hasn’t killed us made us stronger. When I grow up, I want to be just like him.

My Boys

I have two boys – one in elementary school and one in High School. My oldest thinks like a philosopher and contends like a lawyer. He has a heart for the underdog and a sense of justice a mile long.  My youngest dreams his way through life. He’d rather be creating, crafting or hosting ten of his closest friends for a day of Legos and building forts together.  We home educate … and currently use charter schools for support.  We’ve dabbled in public school at times as well.  

My Dream

I am passionate about writing.  It has been my privilege to co-author a book entitled, “Help! I’m a Parent.”  My vision for supporting other parents evolves over time.  I’m currently working on a few exciting projects … some webinars and ebooks to be launched in 2018!   I love supporting women as they grow and walk more nearly to God.  My speaking, writing, coaching and counseling efforts all aim at encouraging you and giving you practical tools.

Oh, the Books!

If you were to come over to our home and peruse my bookshelves, you’d find a wide selection of reads on spiritual growth. I am not usually a “light” reader, though I’m learning to give myself that pleasure these days as I add some fiction to the stack on the side table next to my bed. If you want to know more about what I’m reading or what we are reading together in our homeschool or for fun, go to the link up at the topbar of this page called, “What We Are Reading.”

Sweet Jesus

My walk with God is a story of fits and starts, stumbling and soaring.  The more beautiful thing is His walk with me.  If you want to read my testimony, go here.  Life with Him has led me to supporting women overcoming addiction and life on the streets; mentoring women who have been through traumatic childhood experiences;  ministering to women in our church; and coaching women to become all they can be.  Jesus lit a fire in me to see people walk into increasing freedom and intimacy with Him. 

What I Want for You

When you visit Hearts Homeward, you can expect to find a few things …
Spiritual Encouragement: I long to bless you as you reach for more of Jesus in your life. My life mission is to abide in Him, become like Him and live for Him.
Parenting support and practical solutions: I tell it like it is around our home, not trying to paint an image that doesn’t exist. I share what I have learned, what is working {and what isn’t} because, in my opinion, parenting is the highest calling.

I do hope you come back and let me know you are here. I write to reach out and bless. When you reach back it matters to me.

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If you want to learn more about my availability to come speak to your group, you can hear a clip of me speaking or feel free to visit my page at Christian Women Speakers.  


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