Welcome!  I am so glad you came.  I wish we could sit sharing a cup of tea, our feet up on the ottoman as we get acquainted or catch up.  Since that isn’t possible, let me tell you a bit about what you will find at Hearts Homeward so you can feel at home here.   

I want to pour into your life as a mom and woman.  If you would like to receive my weekly letter, sign up here: 

I’ll also let you know when a new book, course or recording of mine is available, as well as occasionally sending you gifts to spur you along in intentional motherhood.  

If you want to know a bit about me, my family and my heart for you as I blog, you can head over here to my short bio: The Girl Behind the Words.

My hope for you whenever I sit down to write is that I will encourage you as you mother your children and juggle all the aspects of your life.  I want help you simplify and slow down so you can devote yourself to what mattes most.  I love motherhood.  I also know how very challenging it is to be a mom.  I want to come alongside you and help you be the best you can. 

I hope you find blessing and encouragement anytime you visit Hearts Homeward.  I’ll spur you to reach out to Jesus a little more, sometimes make you laugh and always warm your heart. 

Let Hearts Homeward be a place of refreshment where you take a breath and get renewed.   You are welcome back anytime and I always love to hear from you.

If you want to get more familiar or involved right away, you can hear more about my mission to inspire you towards Intentional Motherhood

Want to connect with other moms who are committed to loving intentionally and making room for what matters most?  I really encourage you to  join The Intentional Motherhood Community on Facebook.  We support one another, offer a weekly devotion, pray for one another, share resources and have Q&A threads to discuss solutions to our common parenting challenges.  

Come back anytime. 

This isn’t just my place, it’s ours.

When you join, I will send you the free Love Intentionally bookmark to use to remind yourself of your commitment to devote yourself to what matters most.   




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